Saturday, July 27, 2013

the way we treat each other, thanks for understanding, thanks for loving me, lover

i can't find the words to describe how i feel abt you and why am i into you. cuz all i know is, I LOVE YOU and i dont have any idea why. but for sure..............................................................................

.................................................YOU'RE THE PERSON THAT I DONT EVER WANT TO LOSE.

do me a favor and stay.

happy 43monthsary, thanks for loving me Adel (:

Friday, July 5, 2013

far from you actually made me strong but at the same time you're my weakness, BF

this picture is my picture of future ;)

Adel Afifi bin Lukman,

there's only two times i wanna be with you, NOW and FOREVER

the same person that i cant bear not talking to, not even a day. i miss you more than words i can say...

its been 3years 6month 1 week 1 day, we made it this far.  Adel, thanks for loving me, i love you, LOVE.

your truly love, *cewah*
ari pipi ^_^

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

my favourite daydream

loves me as I am

3 years 5 month and 1 day and let it be a good way for us to keep ourselves together, love.
I love u as always.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dear Braders

Dear siblings, 

i misses the time we had spent together. ALL THE TIME. i know i couldnt turn back the time. i just wanna be more defensive, but i know its wrong. i know we're growing up. but i cannot accept the fact that all of us will having our own commitment. i want us to be like our childish moment. no worries, no commitment. just US, brader's. but i know, its just a long time ago. i just....

cannot accept the fact........ that.... my brader's will forget abt me, forever.

Ampunkan aku, ampunkan hamba-Mu ya Allah.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

the Johor Bahru(JB) and Zaty's - 1

hai. lambatnya update abt the 3days 2night at Zaty's. who's Zaty?......

Zaty iz my friend, my ex roommate in kolej negeri nogori 9. its almost 2years we never seen each other after quit from the kolej. kenapa quit? eheheh biarlah rahsiaaa... haritu ada jumpa zaty gi kl tapi kejap je. then plan punya plan, i've got the date! CNY holiday! yay! zaty lives in JB so i decided to meet her there. rinduuuuu. plan nak gi genting highland dulu pun tak jadi. so this time, yessss! we make it! :))

beli tiket then pergi jb hari sabtu 09.01.2013. sampai Larkin abt 1pm. zaty and her sister, Izza amek kat larkin. tapi terus beli tiket bas utk balik rumah esoknya. and know what?? tiket bus tu burn! plan 2hari 1 malam je tapi jadi 3hari 2 malam lak sbb tertinggal bus. ahahahhha. ok sambung balik lepas zaty amek, zaty terus bawak sampai rumah dia. jumpa parent zaty yg sporting and very kindhearted, terus jemput makan. MAKAN. nasi lauk asam pedas ikan pari, ayam goreng, sayur kubis, woooo makannn.... lepas makan, baring borak dalam bilik dgn zaty... and zaty pun ajak keluar jenjalan around jb. yehhh best222222.! fyi, this is my first time in JB, excluding mersing hehehhehh... yela penah gi mersing dolu kale. duakali je ;P

Day 1

Ibu and Ajang hantar ke mc ;p

Zaty's room

Terus ke CS

carpark CS. green light tu yang memang parking kosong and red light tu
maknanye dah ada kereta park kat situ. wuu jakunnya saya

TAKOYAKI. dapppnyeeee!! im craving for this!

banyak kedai dah tutup. well. Gong xi fa cai! merah we olls

Puteri Harbour ;)

le legs!

bowling at leisure mall

Day 2

i like tis fake skin ahahaha

in front of  Zaty's house ;)

oh Zaty! ily

my tour guide masa kat jb hehe tq awak!

exkuis me


i found CD CASE kat legoland! i'm proud!
ini adalah 1 of the product yg dibuat dari CLOVER! :*

kipas besauuu wuuu

Mall of Medini

intan saye! ;)

from legoland, we came here. JPO.. ahaa sini tempat takdak snap ape pun.
quite busy men'shopping'kan diri. SALE. :D


bihun tomyam yam yam yammy

chicken baked rice. yg best tang cheese tu heheh
me w/ Izza adik zaty yg tinggi mcm stewardess and Zaty la kan ;)

MAKAN utk kali yg keberapa tak ingat dah wakakak

nasi paprik

Mak&Ayah Zaty yg sgt baik hati & sporting &
cantik hemsem like their daughter ;)

memories ;)


sleep together hihi

Day 3 (balik dah)

makan kan? ketam masak lada mak zaty
sangat sedap! KETAM tu!

Ikan siakap masak lemak. dapnyeeee

fav!! BENDI!

kat Larkin dah hm hmmmm


Thanks for this Zaty and family! ;)

for PP :)

p/s: tq zaty awak baik and happening. pls be tough no matter what ;)